Creating Outfits: Basic Steps

1. Create a new assembly text

From the assembly editor menu, please select File -> New. BW Tools will display a dialog asking for a template. Using the combobox "Type" switch to "Outfit". The list box contains a list of available templates.

Double-click on "Business Shirt with Tie - Men's" to select it. The assembly editor will load this template into its editor pane and do an automatic "Refresh". You should see a wireframe body with a shirt. Left click and drag to inspect it. Use the middle wheel (or the up and down keys) to move it closer or away. Double-click to return to the initial view.

2. Edit and extend the text

Let's make a change to this outfit. Find the subpart name "_Shirt". Change the PAINT statement from

PAINT "shirt_classic_w.jpg"



Do a "Refresh!" using the menu.

3. Create the  final thing

Select File -> Create As to create and save the final outfit. But caution: This will not save the assembly text itself! If you wish to save the text, select File -> Export Text...


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