Creating An Animated 3D Actor Symbol ("Sprite")

Step 4, The Job Chart - Modules - Script Generator(1 of 2)

  • Delete the "GIF Writer" icon by right-clicking into the icon
  • You might have noticed Script Generator icons under Modules
  • The script generators are templates for automatically creating script code for your sprite. This simplifies the selection and animation of the correct frames: You can simply call routines like "rotate" instead of manual bookkeeping of frame numbers.
  • BW Tools currently supports Flash ActionScript 2.0 (AS), OpenLaszlo (LZX) and XML. Advanced users can make changes to the template files (see <Brand Worlds>Resources\Modules\Script Generator)
  • After creating the final output BW Tools will create action script code for the immediate use in your Flash editor

This picture is for demonstration purposes and not part of the tutorial


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