Creating An Animated 3D Actor Symbol ("Sprite")

Step 4, The Job Chart - Modules - Importer(1 of 1)

    Importers are very useful for automating the further processing of the generated files.
  • For example the files splitters allow you to create a single sprite as multiple layers in many separate SWF files. If you want to use these in the Flash editor you need to import them one by one. In such a case add a "Multiple SWF to Flash Layers" importer module and connect all the SWF files to the correspondent grey input plug. BW Tools will create a Flash Javascript file to automate the whole process (Please consult your Flash documentation for further details.)
  • There are other modules available for automatic bitmap tracing etc.
  • Advanced users can also make changes to existing importers with just simple text files (see: <Brand Worlds folder>\Resources\Modules\Importer)

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